Calvados & Applejack

Calvados is the name of a French apple brandy from the Normandy region already produced since the 16th century. For the production of calvados apple juice is fermented into cider and then distilled in typical copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels. Good calvados is aged at least two years and during this time it developes aromas of nuts, prunes and an extraordinary finesse. His American counterpart is applejack which is even predating whiskey and rum on the North American continent.
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Lambig de Bretagne 0,7L 40%
Lambig de Bretagne 0,7L 40%
Frankreich: Lambig ist ein Destillat aus Cidre und vergleichbar mit Calvados. Gereift in Eichenholzfässern überzeugt der Lambig de Bretagne mit dem Geschmack von vollreifen Äpfeln, Vanille, Muskatnuss und Eichenholz
Content 0.7 Liter (€30.71 * / 1 Liter)
€21.50 *
Lambig de Bretagne Hors D'Age, 0,7 L, 40%
Lambig de Bretagne Hors d`age, 0,7 L, 40%
France: Lambig de Bretagne Hors d`age is a tasty apple brandy distilled from cider. It matured for over a decade in the finest oak barrels and smells a lot like fresh apples, vanilla and nuts.
Content 0.7 Liter (€52.79 * / 1 Liter)
€36.95 *
Daron Calvados XO
Daron Calvados XO, 0,7 L, 40%
France: Daron Calvados XO is an elegant Calvados with plenty of finesse and aromas of prunes, nuts, intense apple notes and excellent balance.
Content 0.7 Liter (€72.79 * / 1 Liter)
€50.95 *
Daron Calvados Fine
Daron Calvados Fine, 0,7 L, 40%
France: Daron Calvados Fine is a pleasantly fruity Calvados with fresh apple scent. Very round and smooth, with intense apple flavor. The aftertaste is long and warming.
Content 0.7 Liter (€40.29 * / 1 Liter)
€28.20 *