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About us

Drinkology: experience the enjoyment

An online spirits shop selling high-proof drinks in a high-class way: at Drinkology, you experience good taste in its purest form. Drinkology is a small team of experienced enthusiasts who love being around spirits.


How we did it: founding and creating the Drinkology online shop

When a barkeeper is desperately searching for the finest ingredients for exclusive cocktails - what should he do? Ideally, he should found his own online spirits shop. That´s what happened in Munich in 2008, when Stephan Berg started up the Drinkology online shop. It´s an online shop devoted not just to high-proof drinks, but mostly to high quality.

Born out of necessity, it soon turned out to be a welcome addition for restaurateurs and private customers around the world. Connoisseurs appreciative of fabulous aperitifs and digestifs, delicious liqueurs, select whiskys or pure vodka have a great selection to choose from at Drinkology.  The small product range originally offered in the online liquor shop by the founder was gradually expanded with other drinks such as vermouth and brandy, port and sherry.

Stephen Berg is well-known for his barkeeping expertise, and his own brand, "The Bitter Truth", enabled him to create a variety of cocktail bitters with enhanced taste sensations.

We serve our customers using our dedication and experience

It really was the bitter truth: a genuinely successful online shop for sophisticated drinking culture can´t be run on a part-time basis. In 2014, Stephan Berg decided to hand over his beloved web shop to deserving successors. They have continued bilingual shop activities, applying the same level of passion for exquisite spirits. 

Drinkology - a showcase for sophisticated drinking culture with especial attention to its customers needs and wishes. The owners sum it up: "Every customer is different and every drink has its own characteristics".

We advise our customers as an optional service to make sure that everyone can order and receive the drink matching his or her tastes. Product information listed in our blog is very popular with readers. We also added a large number of miniature bottles to our range, so that anyone wanting to try out new drinks can do so freely."

Spirits for celebrating the moment.

Enjoyment of a sophisticated drinking culture such as that offered by Drinkology starts before the bottles are opened, the contents poured out and the real "spirit" of the quality liquors becomes apparent. Label design, the right glass for each drink, lovingly packaged gift sets - all these things influence if and how we perceive a drink as being pleasurable.

Our extensive range of spirits includes many products highly sought after by collectors. Spirits such as real Samaroli Jamaica Rum from the Samaroli range, or a Highland Park brand single malt whisky in the limited Warriors edition.

Everyone can find their favourite spirit - modern or classic

The online shop offers much more than just traditional products. New brands and products also have their place in the spirits shop. Caribbean rum, whisky from Ireland or Tennessee, fruity sloe gin, Spanish brandy or the Minuspol Liqueur invented by students in Regensburg can be ordered 24 hours a day.

The spirits shop has quality spirits in collectors´ bottles or in a vintage look, matching sets of glasses or seasonal products such as Xmas editions, making it easier to find the right gift for any occasion.

Each product type has its own special shop zone to make your search easier. A filter can be used to narrow down the search. Alternatively, a potential buyer can see how well an aperitif or digestif is rated by other customers.

We have something for all spirits aficionados. Whether you´re an expert, barkeeper or occasional imbiber.

Expertise, experience and attention to customers´ needs are what make this online shop such a good choice. Everything else is a matter of taste. At Drinkology, quality isn´t open to dispute - it´s guaranteed with every order!

Find support and advice at: +49 89 9611 8595 or

We look forward to exploring the fascinating universe of spirits with you!
The Drinkology team