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Tanqueray London Dry Gin 0,7L 43,1% Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 0,7, 43,1%
England: Tanqueray Gin is a fresh and elegant London Dry Gin with classic juniper, citrus and herbal flavors. Ideal for most Gin cocktails and of course gin & tonic. Here in the international bottling of 43.1% abv.
Content 0.7 Liter (€28.50 * / 1 Liter) €19.95 *
Tanqueray Dry Gin Rangpur 1,0L 41,3% Tanqueray Dry Gin Rangpur, 1 L, 41,3%
England: Tanqueray Gin Rangpur - with Rangpur Limes flavored gin with intense citrus flavors, subtle shades of juniper and a pleasant freshness.
Content 1 Liter €31.50 *
Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 1 L, 47,3% Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 1 L, 47,3%
England: Tanqueray Gin is a clear, fresh London Dry Gin with delicate tones of Juniper, notes of fresh citrus fruit and light herbal nuances. Excellent and an all-time favorite for many gin lovers.
Content 1 Liter €23.95 *
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