Mixto Tequila

Mixto tequila is produced from at least 51% agave. The remaining part may be made out of other sugary substances. The taste is similar to 100% agave tequila, but can be produced much cheaper. Mixto tequila is ideal to mix into cocktails and the most popular brands are Sierra, Sauza and Jose Cuervo. If you want to mix up drinks and cocktails like a tequila sunrise, margarita or Long Iceland Iced Tea, then mixto tequila is the right choice.
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Sauza Tequila Hornitos Reposado Sauza Tequila Hornitos Reposado, 0,7 L, 38%
Mexico: Sauza Tequila Hornitos Reposado is a delicate, golden tequila aged for several months in American oak barrels with intense agave aroma. On the palate with a creamy structure, with fruity notes, hints of vanilla and oak.
Content 0.7 Liter (€41.14 * / 1 Liter)
€28.80 *